SOOSUL story


SOOSUL is the herbal cosmetic brand containing certified organic ingredient cultivated Sang-hwang mushrooms.
SOOSUL Cosmetics is the only product in the world containing cultivated sanghwang mushrooms (Phellinus linteus) certified as organic, as the main ingredient of the functional herbal cosmetics products. SOOSUL is exported to 17 countries in the world with great reviews, and we hope you get the chance to try them.


  • Origin of SOOSUL

  • - Sang-Hwang mushroom, which has been known as a preciout medicinal ingredient with excellent anti-cancer effect and as a herb of eternal youth resurrecting the dead' according to an ancient book Bonghwangrok(鳳凰錄). It is also recorded as Sangmogi(桑木耳,mulberry tree mushroom) in the part of Tangaek(湯液篇) of the book Donguibogam(東醫寶鑑). In addition, its shape looks like a mud lump at the early growing stage and then a tongue sticking out from a tree stump after the growth, and it is thus called SOOSUL(樹舌,tree tongue).

    - Background of SangHwang Mi-in SOOSUL (桑黃美人 樹舌) products Traditional oriental herb cosmetics developed in cooperation with the Korean Oriental Medicinal Clinic universities on the base of skin anti-aging effects of Sang-Hwang mushroom, whose scientific name is Phellinus Linteus, patented by SangHwang Mi-in (Sang-hwang mushroom, ginseng and other high-priced oriental herbal ingredients).

  • SangHwang Mi-in(桑黃美人) SOOSUL CI

  • - Lee Gyeong-hee, with the pen name of Seckcheon, contributed the handwriting in celebration of the launch of SangHwang Mi-in series, a unique Korean traditional oriental herb cosmetics line, and the company adopted it as a brand CI and engraved in all metal and tube parts of the products

Brief personal history of Lee Gyeong-hee

    - Ph.D. at Hongik University of Art History, China Academy of Art, China
    - Lectures at several university in the country; President of Hangaram Seokhoe
    - 現) President of Seokcheon Book Club, Lecture at Korea National Police University
    - 現) Special director of Society for the study of Zhao Mengfu
    - 現) Member of the Art History Association of Korea and the Association of Art History

Distribution channels

  • Department store

  • - LOTTE Dept. Store nationwide, HYUNDAI Dept. Store in Kyeongsang/Jeolla-do areas

  • Mart

  • - large stores such as E-mart, Hanaro-mart, HomePlus etc.

  • Drug store

  • - about 1,700 drug store chains including Onnuri and Pharmsnet.